What Is a Cigar Humidifier?

Many people who are new to smoking cigars often confuse cigar humidifiers with cigar humidors. While they both go hand in hand, they are two different components. A humidor is a container usually shaped like a box, is where you store your cigars. Some humidors are bigger so you can store more cigars and some are not quite big. There are portable humidors as well. You will find humidors come in all kinds of shapes, designs, colors, and made from different materials, but the main idea is to have an ideal container for consistent humidity. Very simple stuff.

A cigar humidifier is absolutely required for your humidor, and only having a humidor would be worthless then. Many people buy cigars and just store them in some random place, drawer, even car glove box. These may be okay for cigarettes or some other cheap tobacco, but to keep your premium cigars fresh with all it’s wonderful taste, a humidor and humidifier is vital. If you are an avid buyer or cigar enthusiast then you don’t want your cigars tainted! This is very vital for newcomers to understand first. Without a humidifier you would not be able to maintain a constant humidity level for your cigars, and your cigars, no matter how premium or high quality would dry out and lose their flavor and aroma. Now that we understand how importance it is, let’s talk about the different kinds of humidifiers.website to get more: Humidor accessories 

Humidifiers all do one vital thing but they all come in different shapes, colors, and sizes as well. There are electric humidifiers which comes with tons of features and is great for having precise levels of humidity. You can get humidifiers in the form of packets, tubes, or jars that you just put it in your humidor and are very safe and easy to use. When choosing a humidifier, you must consider the size of your humidor and how many cigars it can contain. Usually humidifiers attach to the lid of the humidor or the side with velcro or other attaching mechanisms. Usually the mechanisms are sold with the humidifier.

Maintaining a great tasting cigar-Cigars mature like wines do. The longer they are kept in a controlled environment, the better they taste. Keep the humidor at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. To know if you are getting the right humidity, your cigar humidor should have the humidifer and the hygrometer. The humidity should be maintained in this temperature with an allowance to go +/-2 degrees. So, the cigar humidor’s temperature should range from 68 to 72 degrees. Maintaining cigar humidor, keep the humidor away from direct sunlight. Never place an object on top of the humidor. Clean the humidor regularly to avoid tobacco beetles from infesting the humidor.