Choosing DJ Equipment – Info

Choosing the DJ equipment is a difficult task, especially for a novice. Some beginner DJ equipment is very important to learn DJing. There are different types of equipment based on the music format one wishes to spin: CDs for CD DJs, vinyl records for vinyl CDs, and MP3s for digital DJs.

Image result for cd turntablesRegardless the type of DJ, an aspiring DJ should have some certain set of audio DJ equipment: two turntables, one mixer, one headphone, one pair of monitor speakers, and one pair of PA speakers. Turntables are the important equipment in the DJ setup, and one needs to remember that the quality of the turntable is directly related to the amount of money spend on it.Feel free to find more information at DJ lighting packages .

All other equipment can be changed or upgraded later, but turntables cannot be changed as it is very costly. Purchasing the quality turntables guarantees the setup to last for a longer time. There are two kinds of turntables available for vinyl DJs: belt driven and direct drive. A few other items that need to be purchased along with vinyl turntables are needles, cartridges, and slipmats. There are two main types of cartridges: concord design and shell mounted.

Today, time-coded systems and midi controllers have been used by many DJs. The main attraction of this new system is the DJ can play songs virtually. In this system, DJs connect their programs to the computer and line up WAVs/MP3s downloaded from the collection. Digital system has now become the first preference for all the new DJs because of the ease of building the large collection of songs on the computer.

The midi controller is very useful in controlling the song mixes with the help of midi devices attached with the computer. These controllers are quite inexpensive, easy to use, and one can easily make the list of songs to play. The mixer is the important equipment that connects the turntables with the speaker. The best way to buy equipment is to seek help from the experienced people.