Characteristics Of Propane Near Me

Protect yourself when purchasing heat for your home. Make sure you have the right fuel delivery company and that you are getting a fair price. You are not protected by the government. The price of fuel, even as a heating source, is not regulated. Suppliers can set any price they want and have the potential to be predatory. The price of propane will fluctuate with external forces. These forces can be related to supply, demand, politics, natural disasters, the price of crude oil and gasoline. These are normal fluctuations that you can’t control, but there are certain steps you can take to save mone,Find expert advice about Propane.
Check the receipt given to you by the fuel delivery company. It should list the price of the fuel per unit clearly. If it does not state the exact price then call your company or ask the delivery employee. Check this figure against the total cost of the delivery and inquire about any fees or surcharges. You should know this information before the fuel is transferred into your tank. Transparency is paramount. Knowing the exact price of the fuel will help you in research. You can contact other propane companies and inquire about their price per gallon, fees and surcharges in order to compare.
Call around once or twice a month. Inquire with your own fuel delivery company anonymously. Get the exact price per gallon on that day and ask about fees and surcharges. If the company begins to inquire about your situation then give them your tank size, annual gallons used and zip code. Do not identify yourself. Write down this information and call around to the other companies that deliver in your area. This will give you an idea of the best price for your home and it will let you know if your current supplier is cheating you.
Look for guidance from the federal government. The government does not regulate the price of fuel but it does put together data for the average price per gallon. The Energy Information Administration puts out a report detailing the national pricing trend. Compare this information with what your fuel delivery company has given you. It will not follow the trend exactly, but it should be comparable. Remember that the average price of heating fuel raises going into the winter and falls coming out due to demand. It is best to compare this data over an extended period of time.